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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Between the Folds

Between the Folds was a wonderful film about the beauty of origami that involved math and geometry. Before watching this I thought great works of art like those shown used more then one piece of paper but in reality it is just one. This video opened my eyes to the world around me- everything is folded/folding. One line that stuck with me was something the Artisian said was "One of the hearts and strengths of humans is our need to change things." It's true. Whenever I do anything that others think may be perfect I think to myself "How could I make this better?" or, "Is this really the best I can do?". It never is and there are always ways to improve things.

When I was younger and ever so often, I will grab a square sheet of paper and make a paper crane. I always saw it as just a way to relax and calm myself, it was just folded paper to me. Never did I think that it was a art form. If i got the paper wet I'd just throw it away and start over not knowing that when paper is damp, you can make soft shapes.

Origami is a metamorphic art form, you don't add or take away, you change it.
                                                                                                                 - Michael LaFosse

All across the world people do origami. There is even a Extreme Sport of Origami where people try to top each others creation each year. Or go just to show, share and partake in what they love. When many are asked where their inspiration and love for origami came from, many say Akira Yoshizawa, the so called "father" of paper folding.

Akira Yoshizawa is a self-taught Japanese man who was "ahead of his time". He loved origami so much that he left his factory job to pursue it and make it seem to come alive.
We need technique to create art. 
                                             - Akira Yoshizawa

Although the very detailed works of art that create the masterpiece known as Origami, what I found truly interesting was how some people found the simplicity in it. With just one fold you can create tons of different shapes, just by pressing in the crease. By using the one crease you can make whatever you want, even if it may look awful.

I believe that by the way things are going, one day origami will be a MASSIVE art form.

Be prepared world, origami is coming soon.


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